Online Cancellations - Configured by Offering

Note: This is an update to the Online Cancellation feature released on July 6, 2020.

New options have been added to the Edit Offering screen that will allow you to configure online cancellations by individual Offerings.  In the new Cancellation tab you will see six options:


 Send assigned instructors an email when a booking is cancelled

Instructors and additional email addresses have been able to receive an email when a new booking is made with their Offering.

These same contacts can now receive an email notifying them when a booking is cancelled. This notification email will be formatted in the same manner as the new booking email. 


2) Allow customer to cancel online

This option allows you to specify whether or not the cancel option will be shown to your customers when they view their online bookings. 


3) Do not allow online cancellation after: 

This option allows you to specify a date after which a customer will not be allowed to cancel an Offering. This means that you can now create a window of time before an event whereby online cancellation is not an option.


4) Process online cancellations automatically

When this box is checked, online cancellation requests are automatically processed in the background when RGP processes online transactions. 

If this box is left unchecked, you will need to approve or deny online cancellation requests manually from the Online Transactions management screen.


5) Refund deposit when cancelling online reservations

Checking this will refund the online payment the customer made when the booking was made.


6) Do not refund deposit after:

This option allows you to specify a cutoff time/date. After this time/date, cancelled bookings will no longer be refunded.

Note: The date specified here is the date when the customer entered the cancellation request - not the date when it is processed.


Manual Cancellations

From the Calendar module, clicking on the Online Transactions tab now shows pending actions (instead of assignments) because not only can you assign customers to online bookings, you now also have the ability to Cancel or Deny online cancellation requests. These requests are shown in red from the pending tab.





Clicking the Cancel button will take you through the same process as clicking the Cancel button from the booking details pane. 

Clicking the Deny Request button will require you to enter text explaining why the request was denied. 




When a request is “denied”, an email will be sent to the customer letting them know that the cancellation was not processed, with additional explanatory text from your custom Cancellation Denied Note (shown above). 

Once the cancellation has been denied and has been updated in RGP, the customer’s Online Booking Profile will then change from 'Cancel Pending




back to the standard 'Cancel' option



Cancelling Within RGP
When a staff member cancels a booking within Rock Gym Pro, whether a reservation was booked online or not, a pop-up box will now appear if the cancellation policy date has passed (and the cancellation settings have been configured).





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