RGP Booking System Documentation Overview

Status and Price

  • You will need a Stripe account (http://www.stripe.com) to process online credit card transactions.  Stripe makes signup easy… all you need is a bank account.  They have a great web interface and their fees are very reasonable for online transactions, especially when one considers they do not have monthly fees.   We have zero plans to support other processors, so please don’t ask :)  They default to a 7 day deposit cycle, but you can get as low as two days if you ask them nicely.

  • Price:  the booking system will be part of a Premium Paid Plan.  This will include all the features of the Plus Paid Plan (digital waiver, backups, etc), plus the new calendar and online booking system. Minimum term for Premium Plan is 12 months, so you cannot switch back and forth.  


What you can do….

  • Build complex schedules for your offerings and events
  • Have these events or offerings depend on resources with time and booking constraints
  • Book customers into these events from within RGP
  • Embed or link to online booking widgets that allow your customers to book these events online from your website
  • Accept payment (or deposits) for these bookings online or within RGP.  Payments can be accepted in the US, Canada, UK, and Australia using www.stripe.com.  Details below.
  • Attach custom questions to your bookings to capture additional information about either the bookee or specific participants
  • Send confirmation/cancellation emails for the bookings directly from RGP
  • Automatically import online bookings directly into RGP, including payment information
  • Import third party ical feeds to your RGP calendar from services such as shiftplanner, when2work, etc
  • Sell gift cards online. 

What you CANNOT do...

  • Sell packages combining different offerings (this functionality may be added eventually, just not sure when)
  • There is no “cart” online.  Each booking will end with a discrete transaction, though all the information is saved for the customer between bookings.
  • You cannot offer variable time bookings for a specific event… i.e (book this event for 30 minutes, 60 minutes, or 90 minutes).     But this can be simulated with multiple offerings perhaps sharing a specific resource that has a booking limit.
  • It does not integrate with the existing Youth Program Groups functionality in RGP.  Depending on how your YPG’s are structured, you may consider moving them over to the Booking System.  If they are for fixed periods of time (a fixed month, a spring break, etc.) then the Booking System makes sense.  If it involves recurring billing, then you’ll want to stick with the YPG.

Initial Steps – READ THIS!

  1. You really want to manage/view your calendar on screens >1280 pixels wide.
  2. There is lots of information presented on the calendar screens, thus if you don’t have a big monitor on at least one of your staff computers you might consider getting one large monitor.  Your staff will thank you.  It’s operable on 1280x1024 screens, but the bigger the better!  
  3. NOTE:  At 1280 pixels wide the month selector portion of the calendar will automatically be hidden to preserve horizontal space.  Hence if you can run it higher than 1280 pixels wide you will be happier.
  4. After installing the new version, immediately go to Calendar -> Manage Schedule -> Settings and SET YOUR TIMEZONE and other critical settings (like facility name, etc.)
  5. Watch all the tutorial videos.  
  6. Start building out your offerings and events.  Take baby steps.  It’s complicated!

Stripe Details

  • Get an online payment account at http://www.stripe.com
  • Stripe is a “full-stack” processor and this means there are no additional charges or requirements beyond their account and their fees for your online transactions.  It does not piggyback on top of your existing merchant account.
  • Stripe is available in the U.S., Canada, U.K., and Australia.
  • Stripe transaction fees are only charged for the transactions you process through the online RGP booking system
  • Email your test Stripe public/private keys to support@rockgympro.com .  Cut and paste them, do NOT send a screen shot.  We only need your TEST keys.  These keys begin with “sk_test_” and “pk_test_
  • We will send you a link to connect to your “live” side using Stripe’s Connect service.  Make sure you activate your Stripe account’s bank account.  This is a secondary step within Stripe .   Ask Stripe about how you can get moved to a 2-day deposit schedule.  They default to 7 days, but you CAN get moved to 2 days if you ask.
  • Stripe partial refunds are not supported for online booking transactions
  • If you can provide a rate history from your existing provider, Stripe is pretty good about matching rates.
  • Stripe rates vary by country - inquire about the specific rates for your country
      - All RGP website widgets and pages are secured with SSL, even when embedded into your website.   You don’t need an SSL certificate for your website.  That being said, an SSL certificate is a good idea (eventually) for two reasons:If you embed the widget on your website, even though the widget/iframe is secured using SSL, the browsing customer won’t see https:// in the url window and might wonder if the information is secure.   If you link directly to the RGP pages they will see the https://.  But to repeat: in all cases the widgets are secure as long as you use the exact link provided by the widget.
      - Google has announced that they are ranking pages with SSL
  • Confirmation Emails from RGP
      - For online bookings, RGP will automatically send a confirmation email to the customer on your behalf
      - For bookings that happen at your front desk, RGP can send a confirmation email but it does require the Transactional Email System be enabled.  This requires a Sendgrid account. 
      - Staff emails regarding “New Bookings” also require the transactional email system
      - Thank you and Reminder Emails to the customer, also require a SendGrid account.

Online Widgets / Test Booking

  • Go to Calendar -> Manage Schedule -> Online Widgets and cut-and-paste the link URLs for your particular widget into a browser to test
  • You can put a browser into test mode via this link:  https://app.rockgympro.com/b/testmode.php?on
  • To turn off test mode:  https://app.rockgympro.com/b/testmode.php?off
  • In test mode, the following are allowed:
    • There is a “Test Booking” button that always allows you to complete a booking without payment
    • Stripe is put into “test mode”.   Use this test credit card:  4242 4242 4242 4242 x2/22, cvv=222
  • Test mode bookings are delivered to RGP normally.

Integration Examples

NOTE:  Please do not actually complete test bookings at the sites below as they are live databases.  You can browse and enter information, just please don’t complete the bookings!

Stripe Payment Details

  • RGP does not differentiate between “test” and “live” Stripe transactions.  Thus, if you make test Stripe transactions, be sure to cancel the booking and choose YES to refund the Stripe payment when prompted
  • Explore the Stripe dashboard at http://www.stripe.com .  It’s very slick
  • When a booking is cancelled, you can refund the Stripe payment.  You can also refund Stripe payments on a customer’s Invoice and Payment screen.
  • Make sure you activate your Stripe’s bank account or you will not be able to process live transactions.

Muiltigym Considerations

  • Each gym is its own silo with regard to schedule and offerings
  • You *can* book customers from any locations into a particular event
  • When assigning online transactions, you *can* select customers at other gyms (like the Find Documents button)
  • Online widgets are specific per gym - it is up to you to present them on your website appropriately reflecting how you market each gym.



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