Setting the online formatting for date, time and currency

When setting up the Calendar for the first time you’ll want to set up the way dates, times and currency are displayed on your website to reflect your local formatting. These settings only affect the online display of your schedule, courses and events; to change the display within your Rock Gym Pro software you’ll need to update your regional settings in Window’s Control Panel.

  1. On the main calendar window click Manage Schedule.
  2. At the bottom of the window click Settings.
  3. Click on the Online Regional Details tab. Here you can change how the following information displays:
  • Time Zone
  • Date Display Format: Month/Day/Year or Day/Month/Year
  • Date Separator (for example, 12.02.16, 12/02/16, 12-02-16, etc)
  • First Day Of Week: Sunday or Monday
  • Time Display Format: 12-hour or 24-hour
  • Currency Prefix: The default is $. Change it to your local currency or enter a blank space if you want it to be empty.
  • Currency Postfix
  • Decimal Separator
  • Click OK when finished.


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