Using the browser test mode to test your widgets

If you would like to test your widgets, Rock Gym Pro supports a test mode that allows you to make bookings without supplying a credit card. Keep in mind that the test mode is specific to an individual browser, meaning if you open a test browser in Chrome and then open your website in Firefox, the website in Firefox will be live, not in test mode.

Once you’ve opened your website in the test browser and wish to test your widget, you can use the following test credit card to test your Stripe connectivity. Note that these transactions will still be delivered to your Rock Gym Pro and recorded as a payment, so you will want to cancel the booking and the payment to keep your accounting and schedule straight. Here is the test credit card information:

  • Credit card number: 4242 4242 4242 4242
  • Credit card expiration date: 04/24
  • Credit card CVV: 242

To enable test mode for a browser, go to You will now be in test mode. To exit test mode, go to




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