v1.0.8078 – Released 12/2/2008

  • FEATURE– XCharge credit card support allows integrated credit card swiping within the POS module.  This is a significant enhancement that removes the need for an external credit card terminal!
  • FEATURE – One week membership buttons made available on Membership tab
  • FEATURE – Reports can be filtered by revenue category
  • FEATURE – Check-Ins can be deleted in the Check-In module
  • FEATURE – Advanced Search now includes the ability to search by email
  • FEATURE – Unpaid balances and account credits can now be combined with front counter transactions in the POS module.  If a customer has either a positive or negative account balance, this will automatically be shown when their name is selected in the POS module and the balance can be applied to their current transaction
  • FEATURE – New window to make mass EFT dues changes
  • UPDATE – Database updated to schema #5
  • FIX – Minor changes to the software update process
  • FIX – Database timeout messages should no longer appear, as RGP will attempt to reconnect to the database is the connection has timed out
  • FIX – If a customer has a past due balance AND no billing information and checks-in, a proper warning is displayed
  • FIX – Discounts are now properly shown on receipts
  • FIX – Major receipt printing fixes and enhancements
  • FIX – Some dates were not properly being recorded in a customer’s change history. This was fixed.
  • FIX – Option to not prorate “other” amount in EFT prorated dialog was added
  • FIX – Customers without a billing relationship can no longer have credits added to their account
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