v1.0.8501 – Released 12/20/2008


  • FEATURE – New Customer Query window.  This is the beginnings of a comprehensive query tool for analyzing your customer database.  You can export email lists, contact lists, or mailing lists.
  • FEATURE – Canadian Postal Codelookup in Data Entry when entering new customers.
  • FEATURE – All database tables migrated to UTF8charset for multilanguage support.
  • FEATURE – Country field added to customers.
  • FEATURE – Guests now have unique sound when they are checked in.
  • FEATURE – Extra Dues Item support.  Allows assigning an additional product (such as Climbing Team) to be billed along with a member’s monthly dues
  • FEATURE – Added Facility Location setting in the Configuration menu.
  • FIX – Database schema updated to schema #7.
  • FIX – Menu items reorganized (note new VIEW menu).
  • FIX – Email Address window replaced by Customer Query window.
  • FIX – New window created specifically to remove email addresses from the database.  Data Entry -> Maintenance -> Remove Email Addresses
  • FIX– ACHWorks NOC codes C01/C02 now properly handled.  Previously the changed routing numbers and account numbers were ignored.
  • FIX – Added customer warning that ACH billing is only valid in US/Canada.
  • FIX – Removed Terminated members from Data Entry -> Adv Search -> Warnings.  Not sure why they were included in this first place.
  • FIX – Canadian bank routing numbers no longer create a warning.
  • FIX – Reworked how sales tax is tracked and reported.
  • FIX – Added warning for manual account unfreezes.





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