V1.0.10264 – Released 3/4/2009


  • Feature – Quickbooks Integration.  Create daily journal entries directly from RGP!
  • Feature – Discounts can be automatically applied in the POS module for members and punch card customers
  • Feature – Added YOUTH belay certification
  • Feature – Added “Closer” access level for staff members.  “Closers” have access to batching out and the z-out report
  • Feature – ZOut report button added to POS history
  • Feature – Multiple cash drawer support
  • Fix – RAW ACHWorks responses are stored for later debugging
  • Fix – Receipts for payments against multiple invoices changed
  • Fix – “Access id of 0″ bug when attempting to add a new user across computers. Fixed
  • Fix – Daily maintenance routine now launched when all programs start daily
  • Fix – ZOut reporting bug on split payments. Fixed
  • Fix – Unsettled payments from billing aren’t reported in Z-Out until settled
  • Fix – Data Entry -> Employees occasional crashed. Fixed
  • Fix – Sales tax reporting bug. Fixed.Fix – Refresh button in POS module.  Fixed
  • Fix – Special products cannot be made inactive in Edit Product dialog. Fixed





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