V1.0.12702 – Released 6/14/2009


  • FEATURE – Easy backup and restore of entire database
  • FEATURE – Gift card support
  • FEATURE – Manages can add invoices to customer’s account
  • FEATURE – Check In sounds can be disabled
  • FEATURE – New customer query constraint – Age In Years Between
  • FIX – Declined ACH payments now display proper decline information
  • FIX – Next and Last Bill Dates displayed in regional date format
  • FIX – Birthday entry bug fix (transposed MM/DD)
  • FIX – Age properly displayed on check in screen
  • FIX – Split payments now properly show on receipt
  • FIX – Changing EFT information unchecks the “exclude from billing checkbox”
  • FIX – Subitems cannot be added to Extra Dues product






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