V1.0.14937 – Released 9/16/2009


  • FEATURE – RGP Charting – This a big (BIG!) new feature.  Finally you can visualize the sales, memberships, and visit trends at your facility.  Check out the video tutorial
  • FEATURE – Admin Security Level –  the ‘manager’ level no longer has access to database settings and other sensitive areas of the software
  • FEATURE – Multiple Add-On Membership Products – you can now attach multiple products (team dues, yoga dues, etc.) to a member’s monthly dues
  • FEATURE – Customizable EFT Dues Price List – now your staff can pick from a customizable list of preset dues.  You are no longer limited to “First Customer”, “Second Customer”, etc. in the Prorated Computation window or when editing a member’s dues.
  • FEATURE – Customizable Punch Increment Buttons – if you sell other than 10 or 5 count punch cards, you can now change the buttons to add as many punches as you’d like.
  • FEATURE – Sales Tax Report – this report has been beefed up to include more details about sales tax related transactions
  • FEATURE – Tax Exempt Sales– only managers have access to this checkbox now
  • FEATURE – Exact Change Button – this button is now available when completing a payment at POS
  • FEATURE – Purging of EFT Information – old credit card/checking account numbers are automatically purged from your database after a member has  been terminated and not visited for 6 months
  • FEATURE  Purging of Old Member Photos – A new maintenance menu item allows deleting old member photos to free up space in your database.





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