v1.0.16091 – Released 11/2/2009


  • FEATURE –  Guest Pass System.  You can now track free monthly guest passes for your members. See Data Entry -> Configure -> Memberships to enable and configure this feature.
  • FEATURE –  Customer Queries.  New constraint on Products Purchased.  You can now return customer lists of matching customers who have purchased specific product(s).
  • FEATURE – New List All Members and List All Warnings menu items available from Data Entry -> View.
  • FEATURE – Membership totals are now reported by type (EFT, Prepaid, etc.) in Charts.
  • FEATURE – Membership totals  by Family Unit  now available in Charts.
  • FEATURE – Sales tax can now be defined to three decimal places.
  • FEATURE – Product sales by hour in Charts.
  • SPEED UP – Performance improvements when analyzing membership warnings.
  • FIX – Check in screen now returns cursor to LOOKUP field.
  • FIX – List All Members now includes FREE members.
  • FIX – Invoices/balances are now shown with sign matching proper accounting practices (the sign was incorrectly flipped before).
  • FIX – Sales tax was occasionally rounding pennies inaccurately.  Fixed.
  • FIX – Responsible parties can now be terminated provided all their responsible members were terminated.  An occasional bug/situation would prevent this operation.
  • FIX – Customer query contact lists are displayed LASTNAME | FIRSTNAME rather than FIRSTNAME LASTNAME.
  • FIX – Members excluded from check-in are no longer required to have dues, provided members have been assigned to them.





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