V1.0.18538 – Released 2/12/2010


  • FEATURE:  Multiple register support.  Go to Data Entry -> Manage -> Settings -> This Workstation to manage registers
  • FEATURE:  Real Z-Out. Check out the video tutorial.
  • FEATURE:  Staff job types.  You can now setup multiple job types and your staff can select which type when clocking in
  • FEATURE:  Customer city is now a query constraint in the Customer Query Window
  • FEATURE:  Additional field for vendor account number added to Vendors
  • FEATURE:  The automatic NEW check-ins created for new customers is now an option and can be disabled
  • FEATURE:  Check numbers can now be recorded when completing a sale at POS
  • FIX:  Sales report now is alphabetized by product and subtracts out gift cards
  • FIX:  Manager access now required for Adv Search -> Prepaid/EFT/Punch Card
  • FIX:  Staff can no longer edit timeclocks by double clicking on a timeclock row when clocking in
  • FIX:  “Extra Info” label now uses the appropriate label in POS





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