V1.0.22381 – Released 7/27/2010


  • UPDATE – Final PCI security mitigation features. Through a partnership with XCharge, RGP can now process your POS and monthly billing transactions without ever touching a credit card!  This means RGP is as powerful as ever it, but is no longer impacts your business becoming PCI compliant as mandated by the credit card industry.
  • FEATURE – EFT customers can now be assigned a manual billing option. With this option, dues will still be posted but you can settle the balance manually via check, cash, etc.  This is useful for corporate accounts, for example.
  • FEATURE – Rental Gear Included customer option can now be tied to memberships and punch cards
  • FEATURE – Customizable check in sounds
  • FEATURE – Scanned Document customer constraint for queries (i.e.  show me all customers in the last month who do NOT have a document of type waiver)





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