V1.0.27283 – Released 2/15/2011


  • FEATURE: Multigym version – transfer customers between locations
  • FEATURE: A custom line of text can be added to the bottom of receipts
  • ENHANCEMENT: Bulk classification window has keyboard shortcutsand birthday lookup to speed up document classification.  There is a tool-tip window available to see how it works when you are bulk classifying.  Once you are used to the keystrokes, you can double or triple the time it takes to bulk classify documents
  • CHANGE: Power Users can now mark a product as tax-exempt at POS (was only managers previously)
  • FEATURE: Customer Queries, new constraint for responsible party (or not)
  • FEATURE: Add-a-year button when editing prepaid customers
    FEATURE: Data Entry->Adv Search -> Birthday
  • FEATURE: Ability to assign a new master encryption key to your database.  Contact me directly if you want to use this feature
  • ENHANCEMENT:  The daily system maintenance that runs when RGP is launched each day can be configured to run along with your nightly backup.  Available in Settings.
  • ENHANCEMENT:  At POS, when a duplicate transaction is tried – the dialog that appears has been improved.
  • FIX: A rare tax rounding error was fixed
  • Lots of internal bug fixes, especially with the multigym version





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