v1.0.32126 – Released 9/5/2011


  • Paperless waiver system : Details
  • Share Punch button : Available on Check-In screen, must be enabled in Settings -> Customers -> Allow Casual Punch Sharing
  • Punch Card tab stays visible for members allowing members to have punch balances.  The punches can be used with the Share Punchbutton described above.
  • Report improvements: Sales Report greatly improved with account/subaccount balances.  Small improvements to inventory reports.  New Inventory Adjustment report
  • POS F1-F10 quick product keys : Assign them in Data Entry -> Manage -> Quick Buttons.  Additional ALT key shortcuts.  Press ALT in POS and look for the underlined letters – those are the shortcut keys.  With the shortcut keys, many common transactions can now be processed entirely with the keyboard.
  • Recent Check-In List when selecting customers at POS or Check In
  • Option to hide barcode digits for security reasons
  • Improved Status Change window : Data Entry -> View -> Status Changes
  • Duplicate check-in sound removed, as it was causing confusion
  • Annoying “Are you sure”? confirmation window when changing customer type has been removed
  • Multigym Improvements : Gift cards can be transferred between locations.  Remote customers can be selected for Guest Passes.
  • First name check sensitivity (you have entered a possible first name in the last name field) option available in Data Entry -> Settings -> Misc
  • Billing -> Credit now has Print Report option
  • When making mass dues changes, customers with future dues are skipped
  • Three month or longer prepaid members can now be frozen
  • Staff members can now open the cash drawer from POS
  • If you enter a PIN incorrectly, the field is reset so you can enter it again
  • Numerous bug fixes





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