v1.0.33664 – Released 11/2/2011


  • Point Of Sale
    • The entire POS module can now be operated via keyboard.  Look for the ALT keys where indicated.  Also hold down ALT and look for additional underlined letters for additional ALT keys.  Arrow keys and ENTER work to select products
    • When searching for a product, the search query will be an AND search (chalk AND bag) rather than “chalk bag”
    • Only the staff’s first name is printed on receipts
    • Quantity check (ALT-Q)  button to see the available stock for a particular product
    • Cash drawer open button – customizable access level available in Data Entry -> Manage -> Employees
    • Additional product hot keys (CTRL keys).  Configure in Data Entry -> Manage -> Quick Buttons
    • Gift cards can now include these characters: %?$^ .  This allows some magnetic strip cards to be used
    • You can select multiple items in the transaction and apply bulk discounts
    • FIX: When selecting products with size runs, the items are now properly displayed in size order – rather than alphabetical order
    • FIX: If you are not printing credit card receipts for less than $XX, cash drawer will no longer open for those transactions
    • FIX: Products with $0 prices can now be modified by Staff access level, even if you have the price change restriction setting enabled.
  • Check In
    • Guest passes – when using a guest pass on a customer who has already used a guest patss within 30 days, there will be a confirmation message
    • Birthday shown on check in screen
  • Product Management
    • Manage -> Products now includes the ability to run the Restock report and load the items into the list for quick access
    • Inventory Restock and Count reports can now be filtered by vendor
    • Optional Target Desired field on products, allowing you to set a target quantity when running the restock reports
  • Waiver System
    • Find Documents – REFRESH button and flash announcement when new waivers have been downloaded if you are in that window
  • Other
    • Product – All Sales report shows the payment date if it differs from the invoice date
    • Customer Select window (check in and POS) now have very convenientF-keys to quickly jump to check ins, recently used, or the search results
    • New Terms of Service window
    • You can now create 0% sales tax and assign it to products.  This is useful if you want to have tax inclusive pricing.  Assign the %0 sales tax and just do the easy math from the Sales Tax report when you file your sales taxes
    • Customer history – dates shown in proper date format
    • Delete customer photo button
    • FIX: Can now edit open time clocks
    • Deleting a customer now only requires Power User access
    • Updating RGP requires ADMIN access instead of Manager access
  • Multigym
    • Multigym reconnect bug fixed
    • Inventory can now be replicated and transferred between locations.  This is an ADVANCED feature, please contact RGP for information
    • Remote check-ins should be substantially faster
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