V1.0.35535 – Released 1/22/2012


  • Point-Of-Sale
    • POS Transactions can now have a memo/note assigned.  Look for the note edit box at the top of the payment completion window.  These memos can be viewed in POS History, Invoice & Payments, or via a new report in Data Entry -> Reports
    • Taxable items are now marked with an astericks on receipts
    • Option in Data Entry -> Settings to default all POS transactions to Anonymous.  You can still select a customer, but selecting Anonymous is not required
    • Z-Out notes will now print along with the z-out
  • Check In
    • Terminated Members can now use guest passes.  Before these would not be allowed and RGP would indicate “only guests can use guest passes”
    • When selecting a customer to check-in manually you can right-mouse click to view a pop up with their photo, address, and info
  • Data Entry
    • Invoice & Payments -> Move Invoice – Yes, you can finally move invoices to another customer!
    • Delete Customer – Any customer can now be deleted.  If they have associated invoices, manager access will be required and, if confirmed, all the invoices will be moved to the Anonymous user
    • Advanced Button -> Move Associated Records – You can now “merge” all the records from one customer to another
    • View -> Reports -> Gift Card Balance – generate a list of outstanding gift card balances
  • Multigym
    • Concurrent gym search
    • Right-mouse click on any customer to view a pop up with their photo, address, and info




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