V1.0.39009 – Released 6/12/2012


  • Data Entry -> View -> Transaction Finder – a new tool that allows you to search for specific invoices and payments (yes, finally!)
  • Data Entry -> View -> Sales Summary Grid – a new tool that allows you to show a grid of all your sales. This is particularly useful for gyms on the multigym platform as you can see sales across all gyms. To have products appear on the same line with the multigym version, the products must have identical names or be linked using the linking feature (if multigym retail is enabled)
  • When customers are added manually, an optional prompt can be configured which asks “Check in this user now?”. This has always been the case for customers added from waivers, but now you can have it for manually added customers as well. To configure this option go to Data Entry -> Manage -> Configure -> Customers and check the appropriate box in the Check In section
  • Specific staff level employees can be disallowed from using POS in Data Entry -> Manage -> Employees
  • Future dues changes can now be indicated to be temporary, i.e. this customer gets $0.01 (free) dues for 2 months
  • The check-in window will display a birthday graphic when it is the customer’s birthday





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