v1.0.60635 – Released 12/2/2014


Booking System

  • Stripe Reconciliation Report added to help with reconciling your online booking payments. See this thread for additional information: https://forum.rockgympro.com/forum/topic.php?id=670
  • You can now copy/duplicate offerings within Manage Calendar. Right mouse-click on an existing offering and select Copy/Duplicate
  • Bulk timeslots can now be added to a schedule rule
  • You can now build up to 3,000 recurring events into the future for an offering. But be aware this does slow down calendar generation when there are changed or new bookings. For reference, the previous limit was 2,000
  • The participant roster in Manage Event now has sortable columns
  • The group check-in window is resizable
  • The customer subtype is show next to the membership type when selecting participants in Manage Event
  • Booking notes previously did not record which staff member made the change. Fixed.
  • Calendar and recurring events can go out to 52 weeks instead of the current 26 weeks (but take note of the warning above about building LOTS of recurring events)
  • Unfortunately, Google Calendar feeds have been dropped from the online calendar widgets. Google removed the API that was being used.

Other Changes

  • Discount names now recorded as part of transaction and will be visible in the discount report (for transactions moving forward)
  • Inventory count report can now optionally include inactive products
  • Invoice & Payments – Print Invoice History now has facility name up top
  • When Data Entry is brought into the foreground with the Data Entry tab, the search box is highlighted
  • Youth Program Groups – Waitlist is default sorted by join date
  • Total Check-In Report – crashed in some multi-gym installations. Fixed.





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