v1.1.108096 – Released 12/6/2016


POS/Data Entry Improvements

  • New Staff Discounts available.   You can create staff discounts in Data Entry -> Manage -> Settings -> Discounts
  • Customizable Change Rounding - change can be rounded to any specific amount.  Prior to this fix, change could only be rounded to the nickle (for Canadian support where there are no pennies).   You can now configure POS to round to any decimal level - for instance rounding to the dime for New Zealand.


Calendar Improvements

  • Performance - Extensive calendar optimizations to improve the performance of rendering and generating the calendar.  For gyms with complex calendars, you should experience a noticeable improvement in calendar performance
  • Resources - New Overlapping Event limitation for resources.   If more than one event shares a resource at a specific time, the resource can be configured to allow only  the “first booked event”.  An example of use might be a party room that is shared by a belay class OR a party.  The party room resource can be configured to allow at most 1 overlapping event.  Thus whatever is booked first (the party or the class) will subsequently own the resource and prevent the other event from being booked.  Currently the only way to achieve this restriction was a maximum booking count, but that didn’t work for overlapping courses that required multiple bookings (such as a belay class).   This option is available in Calendar -> Manage Schedule -> Resources -> Edit Resources
  • Offerings - New Maximum Online Participants Per Online Booking field on offerings.   If you only want to allow a specific number of participants per booking online, you can use this new option.  This option is available in Calendar -> Manage Schedule -> Edit Offering -> Booking
  • Support for the customers to Opt-In or Opt-Out to your mailing when completing an online booking or gift card.  This option is available in Calendar -> Manage Schedule -> Settings -> Booking Messages
  • Fixed Event Notifications - there has been some confusion as to how to create “single day” events within the calendar.  Many users were creating recurring rules that started and ended on the same day.   The proper method is to create a fixed event by double clicking on the calendar and placing the event.  You can then right-mouse click on the event for additional options.   New messaging has been added to guide users to this method if they try to create a recurring rule with the same start and end date.


Multigym Improvements

  • New Home Plus access option.  For multigym establishments with more than two gyms, an option now exists for membership to be allowed at only some gyms… rather than just HOME or ALL gyms.   This option needs to be specifically enabled.  If you are interested in this option, contact support AT rockgympro.com
  • In POS, barcodes can now be scanned for all customers including remote customers.  Previously the barcode would only be located for local customers.


Improved Webcam Support

  • EXPERIMENTAL:  The latest version of RGP includes a new “Webcam Tool” that can be downloaded to provide support for a wider variety of webcams.   To download the Webcam Tool go to Data Entry -> Manage -> Settings -> Misc and click Install Webcam Tool.  Once installed, try capturing a member photo to see how it performs with your camera.   If you run into trouble, you can always remove the tool using the Delete Webcam Tool button in the same area of settings.


Other Fixes

  • Fixed bug that would cause the “free version” banner to occasionally appear during periods of internet disruption
  • Added note about running the mysql configuration tool during a backup restore





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