V1.1.110521 – Released 3/15/2016


Industry Metrics Service - Opt-In

For those interested, you can now opt-in to an Industry Metric Service.  This will be a work in progress and we hope to provide reporting during the last half of 2016.   Details are available at Data Entry -> Manage -> Industry Metric Service

(Update May, 2017: Unfortunately because of a lack of industry participation, this program is not going to be available)

Find Documents button for Shared Punches

You can now lookup a waiver and create a customer record from within Checkin -> Share Punch



EMV Credit Card Processing for U.S. merchants

EMV credit card processing is now available for U.S. merchants.  See the forum post.  Be aware that each device costs $250, and software must be installed on your computer by OpenEdge to communicate with the device.  This is standard procedure for EMV integrated payment system.




Better Visibility For Detached/Orphaned Bookings

Detached bookings occur when events with existing bookings get deleted due to schedule changes.  There has been consistent confusion about how to locate these “orphaned” bookings.   A new notice atop the Calendar window should make this very clear.



Multigym iPad URLS

Previously, the IP address of the completed waiver was used to route iPad waivers to the correct gym.   A specific URL for each gym is now available in Manage -> Waiver Station -> Copy iPad URL.   Look for a “deliverto=XYX” in the URL to know you have a correct URL.  This URL is different for each gym.

International Date Format For Manual Birthday Entry in Edit Customer

For international customers (with Other marked in Settings for their country), the birthday field is now in the proper locale format of D/M/Y



Using Tags to Clear Waivers, Policies, Subtypes, and Custom Text

Many gyms need to occasionally clear waivers, policies, and subtypes for specific groups of customers.   You can now clear waivers, policies, and custom text on specifically tagged customers.   An example is using Customer Queries -> Bulk Tag to tag all the customer with a waiver signed last year.  You could then go to Manage -> Tags -> Apply Actions To Tagged Customers and clear the waiver status for just those tagged customers.

A new customer constraint for Facility Waiver Date (Between) was added as well.


New Customer Balance History Report

Available in Invoice & Payments, it shows the ongoing balance of a customer through time as invoices are added and paid.    This is essentially an account statement.



Invoice & Payment Grids

Time is now shown along with the date in any grids showing invoice or payments.   NOTE: ACH payments will not show a time, but they will sort properly in the grid.



Check-In - Event/Class Check-In

New Event/Class Check-In button that will open to a list a today’s events. You can then quickly launch Manage Event for that event.   This is intended for courses such as Yoga courses where you many want to quickly add and track participants on the day-of the event.



Calendar - Manage Event

The functionality of the Manage Event -> Group Check In window has been moved directly to the Participants Tab within Manage Event.   If TAGGED CHECK-INS are enabled (see below), then check-ins processed through this window will also be tagged as for the event.

The tab now also contains a new Participant - Quick Add button that can be used to quickly add a single participant booking to the event.  An example use might be for adding a participant quickly to a yoga course. NOTE:  If any custom questions need to be answered, those will still need to be answered on the Booking tab.  



Calendar - Manage Calendar

New MORE button to expose functionality that was previously only available by right-mouse clicking on an item in the list of items.  Many users did not realize the options available by right-mouse clicking so this button should make those options more visible.  One of the most important options that has been overlooked is the ability to Copy/Duplicate an offering.



Calendar -> Manage Calendar -> Settings -> Participant Types / Check-In

New setting to enable the tagged check-ins.  Tagged Check-Ins will tag a check-in with the course/event identifier to allow for later reporting and tracking.



Calendar -> Reports/Grid - Booking Counts

IMPORTANT! Requires Tagged Check-Ins to be Enabled

New Total Check-Ins column when reviewing by Event Date





Front Counter - Send TO POS

Transactions that are generated via the Send-To-POS button within the Calendar can now be added to existing transactions in the POS module.    If an existing transaction has already been started in POS, if the Send-To-POS button is used the staff will be provided the option of adding to the existing transaction.  A warning is provided if the same transaction is sent twice to POS.



Calendar ICAL Feed Improvement

New option to filter events with either AND or OR logic when importing ical feeds into the RGP calendar system.



Bug Fixes

  • Calendar bug fixes.  Specifically, fixed issues where one event was entirely *within* another event and it was not publishing resource consumption properly.  Events were properly constrained within RGP, but those changes were not published online correctly.
  • Offsite Customer Photo Storage - fixed bug where the background process that upload photos would report errors in a foreground popup window.  Now errors are suppressed since the uploads will just be continually be retried.
  • Multigym - When transferring customers, there was a bug that would allow you to transfer customers who had a CREDIT balance.  This has been fixed.  You can no longer transfer customers with either any type of account balance, positive or negative
  • Inventory Count report - numeric sizes are properly sorted in the report.  Previously numeric sizes were treated alphabetically and thus would not sort properly.






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