Online Gift Cards – Now Integrated

Integrated online gift cards are now supported in Rock Gym Pro!

Just drop a widget on your website and start selling gift cards that are fully integrated into RGP.



Here are a few examples of an integrated gift card purchase form.  These transactions are automatically downloaded as gift cards and payments into RGP.


  • Your facility must be signed up with Premium Plan which is $269/month and includes the digital waiver and online booking system
  • There is no additional fee for online gift cards if your facility is already using the Premium Plan.
  • You will need a free Stripe credit card processing account ( to process online credit card transactions.  Stripe makes signup easy… all you need is a bank account.  They have a great web interface and their fees are very reasonable for online transactions, especially when one considers they do not have monthly fees.   We have zero plans to support other processors, so please don’t ask :)  They default to a 7 day deposit cycle, but you can get as low as two days if you ask them nicely.   Stripe is a full-stack processor and there are no additional fees beyond their fees (i.e. you won’t pay your own processing fees as well).   They will negotiate fees if you push.  Stripe works in the U.S., Canada, UK, and Australia
  • If you already have an existing Stripe account that you use with the booking system, you do not need an additional Stripe account for the online gift cards.


Please visit the Gift Card Overview support page for detailed information on how to set it up.



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