Can I use RGP Documents with the Smartwaiver app?

If you have documents currently set up in your RGP account that you’d like to continue using as an RGP document, you can show the document in the Smartwaiver app by using the Top Level Form List in RGP.

  1. From Data Entry go to Manage –>Waiver Management / Stations
  2. From the Design Mode screen, highlight the document and click on Edit
  3. Check the box Show Form in Main List 
  4. Click OK
  5. Click Publish Design To Live

Now, when you…

  1. Click on the Live tab
  2. Click on the Smartwaiver Integration button
  3. Click on Manage Kiosks
  4. Select **Top Level Form List** from the dropdown menu

…the main, start-up screen on your Kiosk Waiver Station will show the document selected.

Below is how multiple documents will appear on your Waiver Kiosk Station.




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