Inventory – Min/Max and Reorder Report

Rock Gym Pro can help you keep track of your inventory by suggesting when to reorder products based on Minimum/Maximum numbers you provide.

From Data Entry go to Manage –> Products –> Highlight a specific product and then click on the Edit Product button.

In the Inventory Related section on this screen you’ll see the following fields:

Min/Reorder Pt = Minimum quantity of product On Hand allowed (reorders are suggested when inventory is at this quantity)
Max/Target Qty = Maximum quantity of product On Hand allowed (reorder suggestions will not go over this quantity)
Reorder/Case Qty = Quantity of product in one case (default = 1) (reorder suggestions are in multiples of this quantity)


Note: RGP’s suggested number of products to reorder will never exceed your Max/Target Qty.

If Min, Max, and Reorder quantities are ALL entered as zero, the product will not be included in the Reorder Report.



Example Below:

Actual On Hand Qty of Product X = 20
Min/Reorder Qty = 20
Max/Target Qty = 55
Reorder/Case Qty = 10




Because the Min/Reorder Qty is 20, a reorder of Product X will be triggered.

RGP will suggest that 3 cases be reordered (3×10 = 30) for a total Actual On Hand Qty of 50; which is close to, but does not exceed, your Max/Target Qty of 55.



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