V1.1.121247 - Release 6/05/17

Details on the updates listed below can be found in this Announcement

Two Major Improvements

  1. Smartwaiver Integration
  2. RGPro Mobile App


Minor Improvements

  • Mobile app invite emails
  • Reorder reports
  • New 'On Account' reports
  • New 'Preview Billing' reports
  • Restock report improvements
  • Product notes improvements
  • New waiver column in Lookup screen
  • Multigym enhancements
  • Search for customers by email address
  • Online widget improvements
  • Customer queries improvements
  • Review billing events from past dates


Bug Fixes

  •  Share punch multi-gym facility rule enforcement. Before the update, a customer who had access to only their home gym was allowed to share a punch at a remote gym. FIXED
  • Edit Product Window – tab order for reorder text boxes FIXED
  • Manage Product -> Reorder Report – Before the update, the date was displayed as “null”. FIXED
  • Sales Tax Rate changes are now displayed within the Sales Tax Report.  Only rate changes are shown – not product taxability.
  • Prepaid Unfreezes – Before the update, incorrect contract dates were shown in Status Memo.  FIXED
  • Waiver Expiration Email Trigger – Before the update, customers were sometimes receiving expired waiver emails when they should not have.  FIXED
  • Data Entry Barcode Swipe – Before the update, there was a race condition when an existing customer was already shown in the window. FIXED
  • Packaged Products – Before the update, Packaged Products were allowed to have quantity incremented in POS. This shouldn’t happen.  FIXED

For more information and a list of ALL features and bug fixes, visit: June, 2017 Release Announcement 

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