Customizable Proficiency Levels / Belay Certifications

If a member earns a certification or has passed a course that shows proficiency in a certain area, you can update their customer profile to reflect their proficiency. 

To set up your own custom proficiencies:

1. Go to Manage > Settings > Customers > Customer Proficiency

From here you can add, remove and edit proficiencies:



A few guidelines for using Customizable Proficiency Levels

  • If a proficiency level has not been assigned to a Customer Profile, there will be no message at check-in regarding a missing proficiency when a customer checks in.
  • If at least one proficiency is assigned at check-in and POS, a yellow box will appear indicating the customer is lacking an assigned proficiency.
  • If a proficiency is renamed/edited, customer records will be updated appropriately to reflect the new name for the proficiency.
  • Only unused proficiencies are allowed to be deleted. If a proficiency has been assigned to any customer, it cannot be deleted.


Clearing/Changing Proficiencies that have been assigned
If you need to clear or change a proficiency that has been assigned to a group of customers, follow the steps below:

  • Go to View > Customer Queries
  • Enable the constraint Policies - Proficiency / Belay Levels


  • Click the parameters section to define the specific proficiencies you want to filter on


  • Click Review Query
  • Click Bulk Tag and bulk tag these customers with a unique tag
  • Now go to Manage > Tags > Apply Actions
  • Select your recently assigned bulk tag
  • Select the Proficiency - Assign action and then hit EXECUTE
  • From here you can select NONE to clear the proficiency on the tagged customers or select a different proficiency.


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