v1.1.131882 - Release 03/18/19

Details on the updates listed below can be found in this Announcement

New Features

  1. Automated Billing (RGP Cloud Users Only)
  2. One-Click Billing Launch - Post dues, process CCs and ACH transactions with one click
  3. Email summaries of ACH responses
  4. New Billing Option - Retry only past due customers
  5. Billing decline emails now sent immediately
  6. Billing transactions shown in POS History for Managers only
  7. For payments marked as manually declined, staff asked if decline email should be sent
  8. Predefined Customer Notes
  9. New Customer Query Conditions
  10. Option to include archived customers for multigym queries



  1. Staff member names are now shown on Customer Sticky Notes
  2. When searching for a customer, "Load Related Customers" now also includes punch cards and their related "shared punches".
  3. Customer tags are now copied as part of a multigym customer transfer
  4. Multiple Membership Offering improvements



Bug Fixes

  • Large attachments from auto emailed report could disrupt the  email system - Fixed
  • Monthly decline emails could include multiple copies of the same invoice when multiple invoices were paid by the same payment - Fixed
  • SendGrid bug that prevented templates from being rendered in certain situations - Fixed
  • French decimal comma caused error with packaged products - Fixed
  • Product name bug when importing membership offerings from other gyms in a multigym environment - Fixed
  • Membership matrix pricing failed to keep changes in some situations - Fixed
  • Cannot check-in until date defaulted to past - Fixed
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