v1.1.132628- Release 10/28/19

Details on the updates listed below can be found in this Announcement.

New Features

  1. User Interface Styling Updates
  2. Six Month Unassigned Retention Period for Online Waivers
  3. Discount Ordering/Active State


  1. Select Customer Window Performance Upgrade
  2. Manage Waiver Stations Performance Upgrade
  3. Online Transaction Window Default Date Range Increase


Bug Fixes

  • In rare situations, a configured participant could cause the YPG window to crash - Fixed
  • If “use job codes” was selected but no job codes listed, an error would result.  Now, if there are no job codes listed and ‘use job codes’ is checked - it will be unchecked when the window is closed - Fixed
  • If a staff member with administrator access was switched to GUEST and then back to STAFF, the administrator access remained.   If a staff member is switched to GUEST, the administrator access is now removed along with all other roles - Fixed
  • In rare cases, the OpenEdge EdgeExpress terminal could report approval if the device lost communication during the transmission.  This resulted in RGP thinking a transaction went through, when in fact it did not - Fixed
  • Stripe refunds incorrectly were processed on the current register, rather than the original “billing” or “online” register they were recorded on.  Stripe refunds are now correctly logged on the transactions original register - Fixed
  • Time clock editing PIN bug - Fixed
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