RGP Update - New Features Released - January, 2020

If you're using a locally installed version of RGP, new features are ready to install in the latest update:

To get the update, launch Data Entry → Manage → About → Check For Updates

If you’re using RGP Cloud, you do not need to install a new version of the software to use the updated features listed below. You already have them! (Learn more about using RGP in the Cloud).

New Main Features

1. Customer Query Email Triggers

The new Customer Query Email Triggers tool allows you to create and send automated marketing emails directly from the Customer Queries you set up in RGP!  When used with the integrated SendGrid HTML email templates, this can be a powerful marketing engine with limitless possibilities for sending targeted messages to existing and potential members.  

 Some examples: 

  • Automatically send a membership promotion to "guests" that have visited X number of times.
  • Automatically send follow up offers to visitors that are about to use up their punch cards.
  • Automatically send product sales alerts to members and guests that have purchased products at your facility.

>> Learn how to set it up 


2. Zapier Integration


Zapier is a cloud-based integrations platform that allows you to automate actions between popular web apps you use every day. With the new Rock Gym Pro Zapier integration, you can send “events” to Zapier from specific triggers within RGP.  Zapier responds to these events by triggering actions within other applications such as Google Docs, MailChimp, Constant Contact and SMS text messaging - helping you grow your business the instant an action occurs.

A few examples of how you could use:  

  • Easily manage a list of active members within another system
  • Send new guests to a drip email campaign system
  • Send customers that purchase specific product to a drip email campaign system

>> Learn how to set it up


3. Basic API 

For all you developer types, Rock Gym Pro now has an API! This first iteration is a very basic read-only API as we gather feedback on how folks will use it. Please send any and all feedback to support@rockgympro.com.

>> API Documentation
>> How to generate your API key with RGP Cloud
>> How to generate your API key with locally hosted RGP



4. Multigym Customer Change History

If a customer was previously transferred or has an archived record at a different gym (generated from remote on-account sales), you'll now see a new tab displayed in the Customer Change History window that allows you to review those change entries. 




More Improvements


Customer Match Improvements

When matching customers in Find Documents and Assign Online Transactions, the list of possible match customers is now sorted from best match to worst match.  Additionally, the customer's email address is now in the match grid.


Booking Grids - Additional Column for Online Booking Name

When viewing Bookings, you'll now see an additional column that shows the name the customer used for an online transaction. In the case of a missing transaction (because it was misassigned), staff can sort/use this column to locate the transaction by the name the customer used online. 



Custom report generation from Customer Queries - new calculated field added Amount Spent In Date Range



New Booking / Quick Add button in Manage Event 

If an event has a maximum of one allowed booking (often the case for birthday parties), and there is already a booking for the event, users will now receive the following pop-up message. 



Manage Employees Improvements 

The Manage -> Employees and Permissions window has been modified to improve performance and efficiency. 


  • A new Lookup field was added to the top to search for specific employees by name.  The existing filter field remains for filtering the displayed list
  • A new button has been added to Show All Employees
  • If a facility has <=100 employees - the entire employee list will be loaded by default when the window is open
  • If a facility has >100 employees, the window will not open with the full list of employees by default



Other Changes and Fixes

  • Suggested Customer Matching - For matching of online transactions and waivers to existing customers, the match condition of only FIRST NAME and BDAY is only considered a match if the first letter of the lastname matches as well.
  • Thank you and Reminder Emails - these emails will now be sent to remote customers for an event.  Previously these customers were ignored.
  • Normalized field order for the Customers table.  Older and newer databases had a different location for the ALT_ONLINE_EMAIL column which resulted in different CSV exports
  • New email trigger email was not sent for online or kiosk membership purchased. FIXED.
  • In rare occurrences, transactions could be duplicated on download.  FIXED.



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