Reassigning an invoice billing to a different customer

When you reassign an invoice billing to a different customer, the invoice stays associated with the original customer while the payment is billed to the new customer. This can be handy when invoicing a product for a youth by assigning the actual payment of the billing to her parent. Here’s how to reassign an invoice billing to a different customer [manager access or above required].

  1. To access the Customer Account window, find the customer in either the Data Entry or POS window and click the Invoice & Payments button.
  2. Click the Invoices tab.
  3. Select the invoice you wish to transfer and click the Change Invoice Bill To button.
  4. Select the customer name you wish to reassign the invoice to and click OK.
  5. Click Yes on the pop up window to confirm the reassignment of the invoice.
  6. The invoice will now show up as billing to the other customer and removed from the original customer’s account balance.
  7. Click Close to finish.



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