Terminating a customer through the Billing Center

If you have a customer with a past due balance whose account you need to terminate you can do so through the Billing Center. You can also then instruct the system what to do with the balance. Once you terminate the customer they will no longer show up in the Billing Center window.

    1. In the Data Entry main window click Manage and select Billing to open Billing Center window.
    2. Click the Balance Due tab.
    3. Select the customer you wish to terminate.
    4. Under the Customer Actions dropdown menu select one of the following options:
      - Terminate & Leave Balance: This will terminate the customer’s membership but keep the balance on their account as unpaid. If they become a member again the balance will still be on the account for them to pay.
    5. - Terminate & Reverse Balance: This will terminate the customer’s membership and reverse the existing balance. Opposite invoices will be created to reverse the balance.
    6. - Terminate & Write Off Balance: This will terminate the customer’s membership and the balance will be written off. Invoices will be created using the Write Off product to write off the balance.
    7. Click
    8. Go to process the termination, and then click click Yes to confirm.
    9. Click Close to finish.


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