Billing an add-on product to a prepaid member

In Rock Gym Pro you can’t bill a prepaid member, only EFT members. However, say you offer prepaid members the option to buy a discounted parking pass that you want to bill them for each month. While you can not set up a prepaid member to be billed, the workaround would be to set the prepaid customer up as an EFT member having $0 dues + the add-on product. Here is how you would add the product for an existing prepaid member.

  1. To get started, in the main Data Entry window search for the existing member and click on their name to open the View and Edit Customer window.
  2. In the Membership tab, the Prepaid membership payment option will be selected.
  3. Under EFT Details have your dues be $0.
  4. Click the Add-on products button. Select the product, verify the amount and click OK.
  5. The product will now show up in the EFT Details section in the Membership tab and be billed according to your settings. Make sure you have captured their billing information in the EFT/Billing tab.
  6. Click OK to finish.
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