Adding or changing your gym’s contact information

Before your calendar goes live you’ll want to add your gym’s contact information so that it’s attached to all emails you send out. In addition, if you ever change your phone number, email address or even name this is where you’ll update that information.

  1. On the main calendar window click Manage Schedule.
  2. At the bottom of the window click Settings.
  3. Click on the Business Details tab. Here you can update the following information:
     - Business name
     - Business address
     - Business phone number
     - Contact email address: This address will be public, so use a general address rather than your personal email address. This will also be the reply-to address, so make sure to use an email address you have access for when customers respond.
     - Website address
     - Optional email addresses to have a copy sent for online transactions and online gift card purchases
  4. Click OK when finished.



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