Creating custom questions in an offering for a participant

In addition to creating custom questions for a booking, you can also create custom questions to get more information about each participant for a booking.



  1. On the main calendar window click Manage Schedule.
  2. Click on the Schedules tab.
  3. Click on the offering you would like to edit and click the Edit button. This will bring up the Edit Offering window.
  4. In the Edit Offering window click the Booking tab.
  5. Click the Configure Participant Questions tab to bring up the Custom Questions window. Here you can add, edit or delete custom questions.
  6. Click Add to add a new question and then Edit to create content for the question.
  7. When editing a question there are three tabs:

    - Question Display: This is the tab where you create the question. You can create a version for the staff to ask and an display version of the question for online bookings. You can also select to make the question inactive or to only show the question to staff, not online. Finally, you can create a hover hint for staff to guide them if the question requires more context.

    - Answer Details: In this tab you can define the type of answer and customize the response if applicable. You can also require an answer to book or make the answer optional. The answer display options are:
    - Text box
    - Text paragraph
    - Number: You can specify a minimum or maximum and price per item if applicable
    - Yes/No
    - Choose One: You can add and customize choices, assign prices to each choice and reorder choices
    - Multiple Choice: You can add and customize choices, assign prices to each choice and reorder choices

    - Product: Here you can assign a product if a price is attached to this question. The price you assign in the Answers tab will override the default price for the product.

  8. Click OK when you’ve finished creating the question and answer to save.
  9. Create any more questions you require. Use the arrow keys to organize the order of the questions.
  10. Click OK to finish.


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