Creating a checkbox answer for a custom question

If you want to create a check box answer for something like “I agree” you will need to use a multiple choice list answer. You then offer just the one answer you want them to acknowledge by selecting. You will also want to ensure the answer is required for booking.

  1. Click on the Schedules tab.
  2. Select the offering and click the Edit button. This will bring up the Edit Offering window.
  3. In the Edit Offering window click the Booking tab.
  4. Depending of what kind of question you need to create, click either the Configure Booking Questions button or the Configure Participant Questions button. Either button will bring up the Custom Questions window for the respective category.
  5. Click Add to add a question if necessary, and then with the question selected click Edit.
  6. Click the Answers Details tab and select the Multiple Choice question type from the drop down menu.
  7. Click the Add button to create a one choice option with your desired text. Click OK to save.
  8. Require that the question be answered to make a booking. You can also give it a default value if you wish for it to be pre-checked. Click OK to save the question.
  9. If you are done editing questions click Close to finish.



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