Overview of using web widgets

Web widgets are how you get offerings and events from the Calendar to your website so customers can view your schedule and book events.  There are three types of widgets: offering widgets, catalog widgets, and calendar widgets.

  • Offering widgets display a single offering. They do not allow navigation away from that offering. You would use offering widgets for things like linking directly to an offering from a blog or social media post, sharing a private URL to a school group for a booking, or any time you want to allow someone to only book a single, specific type of offering.
  • Catalog widgets are the main widgets you’ll use to show off your catalog of offerings and events. You can display any number of categories and any number of offerings within each offering. For example, you could create a category with your ten ongoing fitness classes, another category with your three climbing classes, a third category with your one-time summer camp, etc.
  • Calendar widgets are similar to catalog widgets, except they display the same information in a calendar format instead of a list format. This is a great way to let people browse your calendar of events for drop-in classes, competitions, family nights, and other things people don’t need to book.

There are three ways to integrate widgets onto your website:

  • Direct links let you place a simple link on your website that launches the booking widget directly on Rock Gym Pro’s website, branded with your name, logo, and content. All you need to do is place links to the widgets on your site.
  • Single embedded widgets involve creating a single catalog or calendar widget and embedding it within your website.
  • Multiple embedded widgets involve creating and embedding multiple catalog or calendar widgets throughout your website.


To ensure your widgets work correctly, please confirm that your time zone, regional date and time display settings, and currency settings are accurate in RGP. Check out the articles below to learn how to create, edit and add widgets to your website:

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Changing the content displayed in a widget
Creating, editing and deleting catalog and calendar widgets
Creating, editing and deleting single offering widgets
Adding a single embedded widget to your website
Adding multiple embedded widgets to your website
Using widgets for multigym websites

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