Understanding the differences in staff access levels

There are several levels of access you can assign to staff members in Rock Gym Pro. You can change an employee's access levels by going to Manage from the Data Entry window, selecting Employees and Permissions, and choosing an employee name to edit. The access levels are:

  • Timeclock only: Only gives the staff member the ability to access the time clock, with no other access allowed
  • Staff: Allows access to customer editing with the option to give the staff member access to POS
  • Closer: Allows everything in Staff access, plus access to POS Z-Out and batch functions
  • Power: Allows everything in Closer access, plus access to product management, inventory reporting, viewing customer history, deleting check-ins, changing customer check-in dates, guest pass overrides, add an advanced status to a customer profile, issuing credits, and multigym ability to transfer customer records. The Power-level can void invoices at POS, but not via a customer’s Invoices and Payment window.
  • Manager: Allows access to everything except for system settings and database operations
  • Admin: Allows access to everything including system settings and database operations
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