V1.0.15134 – Released 9/25/2009


  • FEATURE  Sales revenue/quantity by hour is now available in Charting
  • FEATURE – Add Late Fee Button available within customer account.  You can quickly access this window from billing by double clicking on a customer
  • FEATURE – Void All Open Invoices Button available within a customer account.
  • FEATURE – Vendors now have an option to have their name not displayed on a receipt.  Useful for vendors like Costco, etc.
  • FEATURE – Revenue sub-accounts can now be transferred into Quickbooks.
  • FEATURE  Gift cards can now be recharged. Previously funds could only be added once to a gift card
  • FEATURE – No Check In Option for members.  This option is useful for members who are not allowed to check in, but you have a billing relationship with.  An example might be a parent who is paying for a child
  • BUG FIX – Frozen members would still be billed for add-on products.  Fixed.
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