V1.0.16231 – Released 11/10/2009


  • FEATURE:  Easy software updates.   When you update this version of RGP, expect to see a faster and more streamlined update process.
  • FEATURE:  Secure Offsite Backup.  This is a big new feature for those on the Premium Plan.  All you need to do is check theSecure Offsite Backup box in Data Entry -> Manage -> Maintenance -> Backup & Restore and when your nightly backup runs the archive will automatically and securely be transferred to a remote storage location.  It couldn’t be any easier to have peace of mind!   We’ll automatically keep the last 14 days worth of your backup archives.  Find out more information on Backing Up your RGP Database as well as the Secure Offsite Backup feature.  There is no additional cost for the feature for those users on a Premium Support Plan.
  • FIX:  Advanced search Prepaid/EFT queries were returning all members. Fixed.
  • FIX:  The “products purchased” constraint in Customer Queries did not allow the selection of inactive products.  Fixed.
  • FIX:  In charts, the average daily visits chart line did not work for the current month.  Fixed.
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