V1.0.26649 – Released 1/17/2011


  • FEATURE: You can now multi-select customers in the Billing window and perform actions on the group such as Terminations, Late Fees, and even Billing the group
  • FEATURE: You can now settle credits electronically for credit card billed members in Billing.  Just issue a credit in Invoice and Payments, and go to the Credit tab in the Billing window.
  • FEATURENew chart called “New Memberships” that displays an estimate of the number of new members for a month.  Data will begin being collected after the update.
  • FEATURENew customer constraint – “Became Member”. This allows you to pull up the new members for a given date range.. i.e. “who became a member last month?”
  • CHANGE:  When you terminate a member from the Billing window, all of their responsible members are terminated as well
  • CHANGE:  Add guest pass button now available on Guest Pass tab of a customer
  • CHANGE:  Bulk classification now displays documents oldest to newest rather than newest to oldest
  • CHANGE:  Employee and timestamp displayed at the bottom of all reports
  • CHANGE:  XCharge’s support number is displayed on the POS credit card screen
  • CHANGE:  Split payment flow improved (slightly…)
  • FIX:  RGP can now work with Quickbooks 2011
  • FIX:  Birthday customer constraint in queries didn’t work well when combined other constraints





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