V1.0.28028 – Released 3/27/2011


  • Application button bar:  buttons along the top of all the applications to quickly switch between Data Entry, POS, and Check In.
  • Reason for termination : when you hit the TERMINATE status button, it prompts the staff for the “reason for termination” and records it in the status notes.
  • Future dues changes: you can schedule a future dues change on customers.  Example:  on May 1st the customer’s dues should become $59.99.   Only use this for specific dues changes, and continue to use the mass dues change menu item for bulk dues changes
  • Cash tendered/cash change : the cash tendered and cash change is now shown on receipt and stored in the database for later review.
  • Two customizable text fields on customers : you can name/use these for anything you want.  Examples might be lead card #, etc.  You can search these fields in customer queries.
  • PDFs can now be attached to customers
  • Advanced Search -> Notes :  Search customer notes for specific keywords
  • New Report : Dues Breakdown by month.
  • New Report : Changed memberships
  • Do Not Mailoption for customers:   You can mark a customer t obe excluded from mass mailings.  There is also a customer constraint to exclude/include these customers.
  • Customer Queries : Exclude duplicate addresses option available on mail merge output.
  • New Query Constraint : Has Email Address
  • New Query Constraint : EFT End Date
  • Customer Reports : many reports now have an option to load the list of customers in Data Entry
  • Scrolling arrow keys work for customer selection in Data Entry, Check In, Customer Selection, and Bulk Classify
  • Multigym – New Query Constraint : facility access type (just home gym or all facilities)
  • Multigym – New Report : remote visits
  • Multigym – POS  : you can now sell to remote customers at POS
  • Multigym – Waivers : each gym in a multigym environment can have their own waivers
  • Multigym – Invoice & Payments Window : can see remote POS transactions and remote documents





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