v1.0.43326 – Released 12/12/2012


  • New Bulk Note feature to Customer Queries allowing you to add notes en-masse to the results of a customer query. A popular request!
  • New Audit Log Viewer to show log of various tracked events (voids, restocks, etc.).
  • New Manual Billing Alert option (defaults to ON) that will alert at check-in for customers marked manual billing that have a balance due.  Another popular request!
  • New Recent Waiver Activity button in Find Documents window that shows the recent waiver activity.  You can use this tool to research the status of waivers.
  • New Emails Tab for sent emails on a customer
  • POS Sales By Employee can now include COLLECTED or UNCOLLECTED sales
  • Age now shown in Responsible Party list in Data Entry
  • Email queue now shows customer name
  • Note on how to give away/donate gift cards in the Gift Card window at Data Entry -> View -> Gift Card Lookup
  • International characters were not properly handled as the first letter of a search in Data Entry
  • Waiver Station – a bug was introduced in the last update that allowed the back button to be used to see the previous waiver completed.  Fixed
  • Prorated Dues window will automatically update prorated amounts as keystrokes are entered in the “Other Amount” box




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