V1.0.46551 – Released 4/28/2013


  • Waiver System
    • Significantly improved waiver delivery speed
    • If you are using just ipad/online waivers, the Find Documents waiver will default to that list
    • Document type is now displayed in the Find Document list.  This is useful if you are using the waiver system for multiple types of documents such as facility orientations, belay checks, etc.
  • Customer Management
    • Customer photo displayed when selecting them at POS or Check IN
    • XCharge – Credit card expiration dates can now be updated without having the original credit card number
    • XCharge – Credit card numbers can be copied from one customer to another (managers only, same location)
    • (Multigym) ACH and Notes are now transferred between locations when a customer is transferred
  • Reporting
    • Journal Entry Report – this is useful if you are using an accounting package other than Quickbooks.  You can save this report as a CSV file and then import the journal entries into any accounting package (this assumes your accounting package has the import ability – obviously that is out of RGP’s control!)
    • Total Check In Report – shows check-in total by day for a date range
    • Reports can be emailed to multiple recipients
    • Most reports can now be exported in CSV format
    • (Multigym)  Timeclock report can now optionally include other locations
  • Quickbooks
    • You can now assign a class to all your journal entries from RGP, useful for the new multigym QB feature
    • (Multigym)  You can now transfer journal entries from ANY location, thus allowing a single QB file to be used for multiple locations
  • New Settings/Options
    • Custom Policy 1 and Policy 2 can be set to expire after a certain number of months
    • Custom Policy 1 and Policy 2 Alerts (when missing) can be limited to just day users (i.e. non-members or punch card holders)
    • Option to display barcode # of check-in screen
    • Option to always display notes on the check-in screen for a customer.  Alert sounds remain unchanged.
    • Option to allow/disallow free members from having gift passes (defaults to ALLOW since that is existing behavior)
    • Option to ignore $0.01 dues on a family member.  This is useful when $0.01 dues are used as a placeholder for “no dues”.




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