v1.0.51205 – Released 11/3/2013


  • New youth program groups feature to help you manage your recurring youth programs such as climbing teams and clubs.
  • Bulk scanning (multigym) – you can now assign a document to a customer at a remote gym
  • Electronic waiver documents can be configured to “check” either Policy 1 or Policy 2. This is useful for orientation forms that should be tracked using those policies. To setup a waiver document to do this, go to Data Entry -> Manage -> Waiver Station and edit the document. Select either Policy 1 or Policy 2 in the form type drop down.
  • Invoice & Payments button is available for the selected customer at POS. This is useful to check a customer’s payment history, particularly when searching a deposit or similar at POS.
  • Sales tax can now be optionally included in the Sales Summary Grid
  • POS payment completion window hot-keys work as they did in a prior version.  The most recent release changed their default behavior.
  • Any non-inventory product can now be prorated at POS via the PRORATE button
  • Punch history can be printed from the Punch Card tab on a customer record
  • Power Users can now change the date of a check-in in Check In history
  • Check-In grid can be printed from the main Check-In window
  • Check number displayed in payment gistory
  • Bug fix: the ability to email reports to multiple participants was broken. Fixed.





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