v1.0.61904 – Released 1/24/2015



  • All primary reporting functions have been moved to the new REPORTING menu in Data Entry
  • You can now schedule most reports to be emailed nightly, weekly, or monthly. Woot!
  • Customer queries can now be saved as reusable Custom Reports.
  • Capability of adding bulk tags on customers returned from Customer Queries
  • New Membership Retention Analysis window. More information on these reports are available at https://forum.rockgympro.com/forum/topic.php?id=720
  • New Customer Activity Analysis reports. More information on these reports are available at https://forum.rockgympro.com/forum/topic.php?id=721


  • New Advanced Purchased Product custom action: This trigger allows you to send emails based on products purchased some # of days in the past. You can also limit the email to only go to certain customer types. An example use: “Send an email to a customer who purchased a groupon product 30 days ago but has not become a member”
  • Prepaid Expiration Action: The number of days to look-ahead is now customizable.


  • Multi-Language Support! The online portion of the booking system can now be in French or English.
  • Assigned instructors are now displayed in the tooltip popup when you hover over an event
  • A warning appears if you try to double-schedule an instructor
  • The main calendar previously hid the month selector on narrow monitors. This has been changed to be a checkbox that is default to UNCHECKED on small monitors
  • If “Show Instructors Online” is enabled for an offering, the instructor names will be shown in the online calendar


  • Print button avaialble on the group waitlist tab


  • You can now place a required checkbox on the document. Use the //checkbox// tag. Those facilities with many initials on their waiver may consider switching to the checkbox to speed things up for their customers.





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