v1.1.106585 – Released 10/4/2015


Integrated Credit Card Membership Billing for International Facilities

  • Stripe is now supported for integrated credit card member billing for non-US facilities (US facilities are supported by OpenEdge/XWeb for membership billing).   Please view the specific documentation for membership billing with Stripe.   UK, Canada, Australia, and Ireland facilities can now use Stripe for membership billing and have it completely integrated into RGP.


  • Customer Credit Card Transfer Between Gyms (XCharge) - Woot!  This was a popular request.   Now when transferring customers between your multigym facilities credit card billing information will automatically transfer   If you intend to utilize this option, please read the configuration instructions as this requires an email to OpenEdge to properly setup.
  • Belay Status Transfer -  Previously, if your facilities used different waivers the belay certification information was not transferred with customers between facilities.  Now an option exist to specifically configure the transfer (or not) of belay status and that option is not linked to the waiver status transfer
  • Dues Transfer - An option now exists to have dues automatically transfer when a customer is transferred between locations.  This should only be enabled if all your facilities share identical billed membership dues


Check In

  • Added a FIND DOCUMENTS button to the GUEST PASS CHECK-IN window
  • Added a small EDIT NOTES link when a customer has notes at check-in to allow quickly editing/deleting the notes

Booking System

  • Calendar now looks out 18 months instead of the previous 12 months
  • Calendar -> Booking List now defaults to displaying the upcoming bookings rather than the historical bookings
  • All outbound booking system emails now use the  email address configured in Calendar -> Manage Calendar -> Settings as their reply-to address rather than the email address configured in Manage -> Email System.   This can be useful if you want alll your booking emails to come from a specific address such as programs@myrockgym.com

Youth Program Groups

  • Confirmation warning popups have been added on group deletion and adding participants above max count

Data Entry - Edit Customer

  • The punches tab is now visible on Staff accounts.    Many gyms asked about giving punches to staff members, and since the tab was not visible this was not easily possible.   Now the punch tab is always visible on staff members.


Data Entry - Invoice And Payments

  • You can now refund just a Stripe payment, leaving the invoice.   This was added primarily for the optional membership billing via Stripe (for international customers)


Data Entry - Reporting

  • Customer Queries - When saving a customer query as a custom report you can have four new calculated columns added to the report - total checkins, punches used, guest passes spent, guest passes used

Data Entry -> Audit Log

  • Customer deletion is now logged in the audit logs.
  • Moving customer records is now logged in the audit logs


  • Payment Completion Window - the window now prevents early credit card swipes that were causing a transaction to record as CASH since the keystrokes from the reader would activate Windows keyboard shortcuts
  • Added a MEMBERSHIP/SALES LINKS tab to the POS History window that lists all the Membership/Sales Links between products and customers for a selected day
  • Loads of behind the scenes changes for the upcoming support of EMV / Chip cards.   See our recent announcement for a timeline of EMV chip card support in RGP.

Bug Fixes

  • FIXED - Fixed some issues in the sales tax report regarding tax inclusive pricing.  Specifically, billed membership dues were not included in the tax inclusive totals and the report did not use the “alternate tax computation” method if configured in settings.   These issues ONLY affected tax inclusive pricing and only the report.
  • FIXED - Outbound transactional emails have their subjects truncated to 125 letters to prevent an exception where it exceeded the column width
  • FIXED - Accepting a waiver into a customer a remote gym could crash if the gym’s custom text policies didn’t match exactly
  • FIXED - backups > 256 MB were failing
  • FIXED - Online bookings where the same participant name was entered three times caused a transaction to remain in the unassigned state
  • FIXED - Send email to all instructors on an event behaved in unexpected ways, fixed
  • FIXED - MySQL could crash because of packet size and the calendar system.  RPG now automatically adjusts the packet size as required
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