V1.1.112466 – Released 6/5/2016


Web/Mobile Dashboard Menu Item

  • The new web dashboard is now available via a Menu Item in Rock Gym Pro at Data Entry -> Reporting -> Web/Mobile.  Instructions on activating the Web/Mobile dashboard are available.
    • NOTE:  Managers must specifically be approved for access to the Web/Mobile dashboard by going to Data Entry -> Manage -> Web/Mobile Dashboard
    • More reporting features will be added to the dashboard, and this menu item allows those reporting items to be available directly within Rock Gym Pro.



Multigym Improvements


  • Multigym MANAGER Access Controls for Reporting/Charting/Dashboard


    • IMPORTANT - the default behavior for managers and multigym reporting has changed!
    • Managers will now default to only being allowed to view Reports, Charting, and the Sales Summary Grid for the LOCAL DATABASE.
    • If managers need access to reporting for remote gyms, this access must be configured in Data Entry -> Manage -> Employee -> [select employee name] -> Edit.



  • Data Entry -> Reports -> Charting and Data Visualization is now multigym selectable.  When launching charting, you can select which location to view
  • Data Entry -> Reports -> Customer Queries is now multigym selectable.  When launching customer queries, you can select which location to process.  Additionally, the specific constraints have been renamed to be more descriptive.
  • Improved performance when loading large customer lists from remote gyms


Data Entry

  • Find Documents Button added to Participants tab in Manage Event (the event check-in window)
  • Charting and Data Visualization now includes a new graph line for Member Visits
  • Customer Queries includes three new constraints
    • General: Customer Attribute Modified | This is a powerful new constraint that allows you to filter on any specific attribute that was modified on a customer report
    • Membership:  Was a Member | Allows you to filter on customers that WERE A MEMBER during a specific period in the past
    • Activity: Visit Count Multigym | Allows you to filter on customers that visited specific gyms in a multigym environment
  • Inventory Adjustments and Restock Reported : Gym location added for transfer-ins and outs


Bug Fixes / Minor Improvements

  • Sendgrid/Queue fixes
  • FIX:  multisession reminder emails in the Calendar sometimes included the date of the first event incorrectly
  • Many bug fixes and internal improvements
  • Various replication bugs fixed





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