V1.1.118059 – Released 1/24/17


With this latest update, there are two notable features to highlight: 

  1. Updated Charting
    We’ve added a multitude of new functionality to the charts in RGP including the ability to track revenue and data for multiple facilities on one chart. We’ve also given the charts a new, polished look. 
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  2. Draft/Tip Receipts
    Within POS, your staff now has the ability to print a draft copy of a receipt that they can hand to a customer for review – prior to completing the transaction. If your staff accepts tips/gratuities (e.g. at parties, group events, etc), you can also set up Rock Gym Pro to print out a Tip Receipt. Tip Receipts are disabled by default, so you’ll need to enable this feature in Settings.  
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We’ve also been able to remove the Adobe Reader dependency within RGP.  Last week we sent out an email that described a compatibility issue RGP was having with Adobe Reader DC. We’ve fixed that problem so if you’re using the RGP waiver system, you no longer need to download Adobe Reader in order to Find Documents.

All enhancements in this update include:

  • Big Feature #1: Updated Charting
  • Big Feature #2: Draft/Tip Receipts
  • Removed Adobe Reader dependency
  • New Shortcut Key: In Data Entry, Ctrl-c = Clock-in
  • New shortcut key: In Data Entry, Ctrl-m = Open Change Request
  • Advanced status buttons:  Edit/Delete are now recorded in the Audit Log.
  • A staff pin is now required before photos are updated in RGP. This allows the system to record all photo changes in the Audit Log.





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