V1.1.119265 – Released 3/14/17


Details on the updates listed below can be found in this Announcement



1. QuickBooks Online Integration
2. POS Quick Buttons / Custom Colors
3. New Product Management Options
4. Express Online Booking Profiles

5. New Email Trigger – Upcoming Waiver Expiring



  • Additional charts have been included in the Web Mobile Dashboard
  • iCal feeds can now be added to your Calendar Widgets so customers can easily include events in their favorite calendar application(e.g. Google Calendar or phone calendar application)
  • The Online Membership Change Form now has dedicated tablet URL (no CAPTCHA)
  • General product selection window in Reports and Customer Queries  supports multi-select of products.
  • Punch Adjustments are now recorded in the Audit Log.
  • STAFF level access now has access to the Customer History button in the Edit Customer window
  • Mass Dues changes are now logged in the Audit Log
  • Draft Receipts now have DRAFT text at top and bottom



  • Balances against spending limits not properly checked when selling On-Account to remote customers.  FIXED.
  • Clock-in shortcut key switched to ctrl-k (ctrl-c conflicted with copy)
  • Check-in -> MORE menu would sometime open off the screen.  FIXED.
  • If multiple staff members tried to attach the same document to the same customer at the same time, the document was abandoned.  FIXED.
  • Long custom policy names were sometimes truncated.  FIXED.




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