V1.1.125720 - Release 12/12/17

Details on the updates listed below can be found in this Announcement.



  1. Faster and More Reliable EMV Integration
  2. Customizable Proficiency Levels / Belay Certifications



  1. New Send To POS button warning message
  2. The Custom Report SQL Window is now resizable with scrollbars.
  3. Youth Program Groups -> Group Check-In : A horizontal splitter was added that allows the upper and lower pane to be adjusted
  4. Manage Event -> Participants -> Find Documents : A new booking will be created ONLY if the customer is not already a bookee or participant
  5. Payment# added to the Payments grid in Invoice & Payments
  6. Guest Pass - When a terminated member is attempting to use a guest pass, the text was unclear. The text has been changed to “Member is frozen or terminated, guest pass not permitted.”
  7. When exiting Manage -> Email System, if the system is in TEST MODE a pop up message will now appear.
  8. Mobile account actions such as, linking and unlinking online accounts, are now recorded in the audit log.


Bug Fixes

  • Change Form PDFs occasionally failed to upload. Fixed.   
  • Staff Pin was not required when adding or removing instructors from bookings.  Now a Staff Pin is required. Fixed.
  • When Send To POS is used with custom questions with a default value of 0 and associated with products, the line items were still created in POS even though the quantity was 0.  Fixed..
  • When a Power or Closer staff level is required, the window that appears now clearly indicates which access level is required.  
  • If the staff updated an email address of a bookee when sending a confirmation email, the action was not logged in the event change history.  The action is now logged.
  • Gyms were able to enter more than three letters for their gift card prefix. The three letter limit is now enforced.
  • You can now sort by date with archived members.


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