V1.1.130638 - Release 09/05/18

Details on the updates listed below can be found in this Announcement.


  1. Calendar Booking and Offering Search
  2. Select Multiple Customers at Check-in Screen
  3. OpenEdge EMV: Option to Key-in Credit Card at POS without an EMV terminal


  1. Option Added to Quick Configure Screen
  2. Booking URLs Now Shown on the ‘Manage Event’ Screen in the Calendar
  3. Terms and Conditions Now Displayed on Offering Screen
  4. For those facilities with numerous future bookings, the Calendar has been optimized.
  5. Find Documents button has been added to the Check-In → Lookup Customer screen.


Bug Fixes

  • When invoices are voided, membership link is voided as well.   Fixed
  • Add-On products are now cleared when a customer is switched to GUEST.  Fixed


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